Rollover 2018 Tickets

OC BikeFest tickets are non-refundable. However, due to the threat of hurricane Florence and the impact that threat had on OC BikeFest 2018, we are offering a one-time opportunity to roll over your unscanned/unused ticket(s). If you were unable to attend OC BikeFest September 2018 due to the weather, you may be eligible to roll your ticket(s) over to attend OC BikeFest September 2019. This exception is being offer for OC BikeFest 2018 only.

Rules and Restrictions apply:
1. ticket(s) must be unscanned/unused and will be exchanged for same type of ticket (Event Pass for Event Pass/One Day Pass for One Day Pass, etc) This also means a Day Pass can only be exchanged for that same day Pass (Thursday to Thursday, Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday)
2. ticket(s) must have been purchased prior to September 12 (September 11 or earlier)
3. giveaway ticket(s) do not apply
4. sponsor ticket(s) do not apply
5. ticket(s) purchased onsite (September 12 or later) do not apply6. no cash/credit refunds are being offered, Tickets can not be transferred to another name.

How To Claim your rollover passes:
If you have unscanned/unused ticket(s) you want to roll over, simply bring your 2018 passes to the Inlet Main Gate starting Wednesday September 11th, 2019.  Please Also bring your photo ID.  Tickets must match name on photo ID.  Tickets are not transferable or refundable. 

Band announcements and updates to follow soon